Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Kepler Spacecraft Being Recommissioned After Successful Mission

3,548 planet candidates identified by Kepler since 2009!  Over the next few years, powerful ground-based telescopes around the world will scour these planets to confirm their size, density and how many, if any, are Earth's twins.  Stay tuned on this Christopher Columbus of moments in human history.  Not only has Kepler confirmed that planets are common in our galaxy but that solar systems of every kind exist as well.  Of the 150,000 stars studied by Kepler to discover over 3,500 planets is breath-taking. Our Milky Way Galaxy has over 400 Billion stars, just how many Other Earth worlds are we neighbors with? Astronomers estimate as many as 40 Billion habitable worlds like Earth probably reside in the Milky Way.  Read my new book to find out why these new worlds will probably harbor plant and animal life but not intelligent life.  Not one of them.  OTHER EARTHS/ALIEN LIFE: A CHRISTIAN SPACEVIEW is now available through every major online media outlet...or get it at a discount price by clicking on the link right here on my website.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NASA Testing Fix for Crippled Kepler Spacecraft

NASA Testing Fix for Crippled Kepler Spacecraft
With over 3,000 new worlds identified over the past 4 years, Kepler was on the fast track to identifying worlds the size of Earth and smaller until the unthinkable happened.  Reaction Wheel 2 and Reaction Wheel 4 both failed, one of them catastrophically.  Reaction Wheels are like Gyros, spinning at a high rate of speed to help maintain the spacecraft's position to an ultra-high degree of pin-point accuracy.  NASA had 4 wheels in place but only need 3 to operate.  Reaction Wheel 4 failed a couple years ago, but no problem, NASA had a backup wheel ready in the wings.  Well....Reaction Wheel 2 failed in May and the spacecraft wandered off-track and fell into Safe Mode.

The spacecraft was originally intended for only a four year mission but was extended due to its success.  So the mission is not a failure but quite the opposite and it may not be over yet.  There is still hope.  This link takes you to the latest test now being run to see if they can actually pull of operation on two Reaction Wheels and Thrusters.  Stay tuned on this Christopher Columbus of missions discovering new worlds and be looking for my book on the mission and its faith implications this Fall.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kepler Identifies 351 Earth Size & 2 Earth Like Worlds

NASA announced today via AMES Research Center that Kepler has identified two exciting solar systems: Kepler 62 and Kepler 69.  Both planetary systems host yellow sun-like stars that harbor multiple planets similar to our planetary system.  Kepler 69 is a very recent discovery and too soon to confirm the promising findings now being studied but Kepler 62 has two confirmed rocky worlds in their habitable zone - zones not too hot or too cold but just right:  Planets 62e and 62f.  Both these worlds exhibit densities that mean they are rocky worlds that can hold atmospheres and maintain liquid water oceans. They are still larger than earth at about 1.5x.  NASA has employed large land-based telescopes to study these solar systems and these planets closer.  We'll know more about their atmospheres and if they have water and oxygen when the James Webb Space Telescope is launched in 2015.  But for now, these are the first worlds that are close to earth size, in their stars habitable zone and rocky worlds like ours.   NASA extended the very successful Kepler Mission another 4 years to continue searching for smaller and smaller worlds down to Mercury size.  The smaller the alien planet the longer it takes Kepler to discern its transits across their stars.  Stay tuned as Kepler continues to hone in on Other Earths just like ours in every way.  Look for my coming book on Amazon and bookstores on why these alien worlds exist and why alien life may exist but not intelligent life.  Read my earlier blogs for my sound arguments on why we are indeed alone in our universe.

Monday, January 28, 2013


This riveting new book explores NASA's Kepler Mission and its fantastical discoveries of over 2,740 alien worlds just in the Northern Cross region of our MilkyWay Galaxy. For the first time in history, humankind has proof that other worlds exist...

Why is the Bible silent on such profound truth? Do these other worlds harbor life? Would such alien life know Jesus? These questions and so many more are answered in OTHER EARTHS / ALIEN LIFE as it carries us through time - from the dark days of Johannes Kepler to a future NASA Mission now under construction to scour the atmospheres of these new worlds for signatures of life.

Come with me on a journey of cosmic discovery and deepening faith in God's timeless Word. NASA findings will leave you overwhelmed at how magnificent our Creator is, how the heavens reveal Genesis' seven day creation fingerprints and why intelligent alien life exists...but not in our space-time...regardless of how many planets found.

This is a non-fictional book employing a Christian Spaceview to complement our Christian Worldview. Being looking for eBook and hard-copy at soon.